Sunday, April 20, 2014

16/52 - Dyeing Eggs

Asher dyed his first (and so far only) egg in his life this weekend. This picture is how he looked after that one egg was taken away from him because it was being crunched and smashed and generally making a mess. And also after all the invitingly bright cups of colorful dye were scooted just out of his reach.

So, I think his takeaway was, dyeing eggs is sort of fun but mostly not. We'll see how next year goes...

(Oh, and lest you think we were mean and just went on dyeing eggs without him, we gave him some cups of water on the floor and some plastic eggs and he had a pretty good time pretending with those.)

Monday, April 14, 2014

15/52 - Playing in the Creek

We went to a park on Sunday afternoon and Asher wouldn't leave the water alone. He would have fallen in many times had Brian not been standing right behind him holding his overalls. This kid is obsessed with the outdoors, bugs, water, dirt, grass... But to balance all that, he's lately been saying "T! T!" and pointing at the computer/TV/any screen and crying when he doesn't get to watch something.

My favorite thing he does right now, though, is shown in the following conversation:
Me: "Asher, do you want some blueberries?"
Asher: "Yes!"
Me: "You do?"
Asher: "I do!" (this is often repeated several times.)

Maybe you have to hear it to know how cute it is but that seems to be the case with many things in life. :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

14/52 - A Cool New Toy

Asher discovered my camera tripod folded up in the corner of the living room last week and has been strangely obsessed with it ever since. What does it DO? What is this handle for? What are those little silver things on top? Can I balance a ball on top of it? Haha. It's a very intriguing thing.

Asher has always hated driving in the car but lately has focused most of his hatred on the sun in his eyes. Whenever it hits his eyes he starts crying and says "Eyes, eyes!" and as soon as we're in the shade again says "All done!"

So a few days ago Brian and Asher and I were driving a long and Asher yelled "Eyes!" and started crying, but when we looked back he wasn't even in the sun at all. It happened again a couple minutes later and we realized he was purposefully looking up into the sun and then yelling "eyes!" and crying...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

12/52 and 13/52 - Seattle Weekend!

This will be a picture-heavy post - I just decided to combine two weeks into one post because there were so many pictures. We went to Seattle last week with my whole family (besides my brother who is in Thailand) and it was SO fun and nice to get out of our little town for a few days. 

We went to the zoo which was actually disappointing because I guess it was too early/cold when we were there and we barely saw any animals! Though, Asher got to see turtles which he LOVED and just said "tuh-tuh" over and over.

Asher looking at turtles.

 Riding the carousel - he wasn't too enthralled.

 Asleep after walking all around the zoo for a few hours... too bad it was right when we left so he got no real nap that day.

Later that day we went to Pike's Place. We were all sitting in the park right next to it letting Asher run around and Brian and I were a little embarrassed because Asher, ever outgoing and having zero qualms, would go up to random people and say "Hi!" and everyone was staring and smiling at him. He enjoyed it a lot. 

 Feeding a seagull at Ivar's. See the french fry it just grabbed from Brian?

 My little sisters! They're awesome and we always have a great time together.

 "Avast, mateys!" Is that a phrase?? I don't know.

 Their wedding is coming SO SOON. Crazy.

We stayed at my uncle and aunt's house about 45 minutes out of the city. So there was a lot of driving but it was great! 

 This kid (usually) loves being read to. And he loves Curious George.

On Sunday morning after church we went to Top Pot doughnuts and ate them at Gasworks Park, where Asher enjoyed throwing rocks in the water and was absolutely DEVASTATED when we dragged him away.

The whole fam! (Minus Jed - we missed you!) 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

11/52 - "Not not" and Other Random Sayings

Asher was riding on Brian's shoulders as we walked downtown to get coffee a couple days ago and as we passed a door to an apartment building, raised his fist, pretended to knock on the door, and said "Not not, not not." (Knock knock, of course.) It was really funny and he's been knocking on things ever since.

Also, Brian's mom (Grandma Cece) shows Asher this video of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sometimes which has an owl in it, and the owl and the star dance together as a child's voice sings the song... It's a little weird. But Asher loves it and now he says "Up!" which means he wants us to sing Twinkle Twinkle, and as we're singing that he's saying "Hoo! Hoo!" like the owl from the video. Haha.

(Here's the video just in case you were DYING to see it):

Friday, March 7, 2014

10/52 - Independence

Asher's not supposed to touch the computer, but since it's our tv/radio/etc. it's usually right on the coffee table where he can easily reach it. This morning, I had left the computer in its usual spot and Asher was roaming the living room on his own while Brian and I were getting coffee in the kitchen. All of a sudden music started playing and we went into the living room to check it out. There was Asher, right next to the computer. He smiled (guiltily) and then started dancing, and all we could do was laugh. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

9/52 - Quiet Saturdays

I figured I should have a couple pictures of Asher and me on the blog, so Brian took a few of us. Oh, and Asher's stuffed puppy, Toby, whom Asher loves and can even bark!

Friday, February 21, 2014

8/52 - Downtown (with a Hamster)

Asher adored being let loose on the downtown sidewalks today and it was all I could do to snap quick pics of him before he tried to run into the street...

Asher is holding this little hamster he found in his stuffed animal bin today and is obsessed with carrying it by the ear or foot... The funny thing about that hamster is that my sister gave it to me long ago as a pick-me-up (haha weird I know) after the fateful day I discovered the boy I was IN LOVE with was DEFINITELY in love with someone else. I found out later that he actually liked me, and wasn't really in love with someone else. Oh the trials girls go through when stalking boys. And now the little hamster belongs to... our son. Time is so weird.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

7/52 - Picky Reader

Asher usually likes us to read to him, but lately has gotten extremely picky about which book we read. We will show him a book and say "This one?" And he'll almost always say "No!" and shake his head. So then we go through all his board books until he finally says "Yes!" It's pretty funny.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

6/52 - Waiting for Dad (Plus Funny Stories)

As I've said before, Asher ADORES his Dad. So when I know Brian's on his way home I sometimes bring Asher to the window to watch for him. He  got so excited when he finally spotted Brian walking up the street - I could hardly snap a few pictures because I was worried he would fall right off the chair. 

A couple Asher stories -

We often hold hands when we pray before meal times. Brian and I were holding hands yesterday while we were eating lunch and Asher was in his high chair, and reached for my hand and said "Amen!"

Brian was kissing me in the kitchen and Asher was looking at us and got a little sad and left out, and then came up to me and said "Mmmm!" and wanted me to kiss him instead. That melted my heart pretty fast... :)

I was cleaning up Asher's toys and lost track of him for a few minutes. When I went to look for him in our tiny apartment, I couldn't find him and there was utter silence when I called him. I finally found him behind the rocking chair in his room holding a foam football (which he is prone to eating...) and his mouth full of foam specks. Haha. He looked incredibly guilty.

Friday, January 31, 2014

5/52 - Sledding

Asher is all boy when it comes to playing outside. He ADORES being outside and often points out the window or stands by the door, sometimes all day long... When we try to bring him inside, he throws what one might call a "tantrum," but that is a different story.

For me, this will take some getting used to. I am an indoorsy sort of person. I like to read and drink coffee, sew, draw (once in a while), write (or surf the web and pretend I'm going to do all the things that other people blog about) and other kind of boring calm things that Asher finds HORRIBLE.  

But, I'm his mom, so I'm making an effort to go outside a lot. I actually like it better when there's snow, because we were able to go sledding two days in a row and that was fun. When it's just freezing and grey, now that's when it takes a lot out of me to get outside. 

But seriously, Asher makes it tons of fun to explore outside. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

4/52 - Playing with Dad

Asher adores his dad. If I even hint at the end of the day that Dad might be coming home soon, Asher gets this thrilled look in his eyes and points to the door saying "Dada? Dada?" When Brian comes through the door, Asher reaches for him and basically wants Dad the rest of the night. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

3/52 - Chocolate!

I gave Asher the spoon from some flourless chocolate brownies I was making the other day (and don't worry, there were no raw eggs in the batter!) and he LOVED IT.

I mean, just look at that mustached grin!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January Walk - 2/52

Asher loves being outside. Sadly, not only is it winter in Idaho, but we also live in a duplex that has no yard. Still, I try to get him outside sometimes because it makes for a happier boy!

And, a picture of Avalon, Asher's cousin who is 2 and a half months older. Just because she's so cute!

Monday, January 13, 2014

i heart faces - Best Face of 2013

I'm doing the i heart faces challenge for this month - Best Face of 2013. I used to enter these a lot (and even got third place once!) but then my life got a lot busier and I haven't entered in a while. 

Asher adores bath time (especially when Dad gives the bath, he's way more fun than I am... my goal is cleanliness and quickness and no babies falling on their heads. Dad's goal is splashing, laughing, entertainment, and if a baby falls a few times or gets water in their face, well, that's just a byproduct of a FUN BATH.)

Go check out the other entries over at i heart faces!

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