Thursday, November 26, 2015


One year ago today I was 5 and a half weeks pregnant, incredibly excited, and nervous. After a miscarriage 9 months before, as well as a much longer wait for a second child than we had anticipated, it was hard to trust that I would have a healthy baby sometime the next summer.

But God in His goodness answered our prayers and sent us this perfect bundle, Henry Shepherd, on August 5th, at 8:12 pm, weighing 7 lbs. 15 oz. (Sidenote: Asher was born at 8:07 pm! Guess that's when I have babies.) Henry is the happiest, smiliest baby I have ever had - ok, that's not saying a lot, but seriously. He has been really easy.

So today I'm thankful, so thankful, for not only one but TWO healthy little boys!

This crazy boy just happens to share his birthday with Thanksgiving this year - three years old! It's amazing that we have a three year old - no longer a baby and not even a toddler, but a full-fledged little boy!

Yesterday he said to me, "Mom, 'bye' is how you say 'let's set up my tent' in Spanish." Hmm. He's always full of ideas and funny sayings and loves to make us laugh.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Counting Down to Baby 2

Well, I am 2 and a half weeks away from my due date with Kohl boy #2! Time has really flown fast, even though it's a record hot summer here in Moscow with temps of mid-90's to 100's for the past couple weeks, and well, I've just been really hot and tired.

Before my life gets way more busy than it is now I had to write down some things Asher has said. He is so so funny, I mean, I know he's my son, but he's really just funny. I think out of all the exciting things about having a new baby, I'm most looking forward to seeing Asher with his new baby brother.

Tonight Asher said to me, "Mama, what will you be when you grow up?"
"I want to be your mama!"
"Oh, well what will you be when you're a shark?"
(I said Great White... which is actually pretty accurate to how I feel these days...)

When I was putting him to bed he prayed: "Thank you Asher, thank you Mommy, thank you Daddy, thank you Yankee Doodle, thank you Yankee Doodle Dandy, (he said that twice), thank you um, (looking around his room and saw a bear print on the wall) bears and bears and bears, in Jesus' name, Amen! (Pause) Oops Mommy, I acciwentally said Yankee Doodle when I was praying!" Sure that was an accident.... Haha!

A few weeks ago I was telling him some things about babies to try to prepare him to have a newborn around. I said that babies cry a lot, but it's ok because Mommy and Daddy will go get him when he cries and hold him. He said "I will get out of my big boy bed in the night and go hold him!"

He really is excited. I know there is no way he can grasp what is coming our way (I mean, who really can?) but it is still just really sweet to see his mind processing everything we tell him!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Funny Sayings

Just now I thought I heard Asher crying in his room, so I quietly opened the door to check on him. (He had been asleep.) He popped his head up and looked at me and said "Good night, Mom!"

"Ok, good night!" I said, and started toward the door.

Then he asked, "Mom, why did you come in here??"

"Oh, I just thought I heard you. But I didn't! So goodnight!"

"You thought you heard me, but I was sweeping!"

Ok ok, sorry. Ha! The whole thing just made me think of something a 10 year old would say, not a 2 year old...


Asher loves to put our names into songs - his favorite right now is Davy Crockett:

"Born on a MAMA-top in MAMA-see! (Hahaha!) Greenest state in the land of the MOM! Kiwwed him a bar, when he was onwee MOM! Davy, Davy Tottet, king of the wild MOM-tier!" (Hilarious laughter.)


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Excuses, excuses.

Lately Asher has taken to using some pretty sophisticated excuses for misbehavior:

He was turning the volume up on the computer and I said "Asher, you aren't supposed to touch that, so you're disobeying me." 

He replied, with a very hurt expression, "I just thought it would be FUNNY."

Then today he was playing with my hair dryer (he uses it as a gun and holds it up and says "shoot!" to everything...) and I looked out from my room and he had the guiltiest expression on his face.

"What are you doing?" 
"I'm gonna plug it in." (Standing right by the outlet.)
"No, I don't want you to do that. It's dangerous and you're not allowed to play with plugs."
"I just wanted to make you laugh!" (Again, said with a wounded voice.)

(Picture from back when we were potty-training for about 3 days before I called it off for a while.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Best Boy

Steps for Putting Asher to Bed:
1. "Can I have some milk?"
2. Read 2-3 books (after several are vetoed) while child drinks milk.
3. Brush teeth as hard as I can for as long as little shark teeth will let me. 
4. Turn off lights, "More rotty (rocky) in rotty chair?"
5. Pray (while telling child that praying is not a time for playing the pinchy game...)
6. Sing a few songs while rocking little boy who is not really a baby anymore.
7. Say "Ok, time to go nigh-night now!" "Oh-tay!"

Then the best part:
"I love you, best boy!"
"I love you, best dirl!"

Who would have guessed little boys can be so sweet?

Friday, March 6, 2015

8 Months Later...

Well, after a long hiatus from my blog I decided I miss reading it and remembering all the little things that I wouldn't otherwise write down. So, here are a few (rather old) pictures and a Kohl family update!

First of all, we are thrilled to be expecting baby boy #2! We found out in November after a difficult 9 months since miscarrying, and we almost couldn't believe it. God is good! And then a few days ago we found out our new baby is a boy. We can't wait to meet him and give Asher a brother. 

 (We traveled to the Oregon Coast over Thanksgiving with my family. Asher ADORED the ocean and even to this day tells many a person the story of a "wave knocked me over and I got all muddy but Daddy saved me".)

Asher is growing up so fast. He talks nonstop like people say girls are supposed to do, and he is incredibly and shockingly outgoing (something neither his father or I feel like we passed on to him...) He is stubborn and sweet. 

I was cleaning up some of his toys and he was watching a TV show. He came over to me and said "Oh, what are you doing?" I said I was cleaning up. He sat down next to me and said "I love being with you." Then I was rocking him tonight before bed and he said "You're my best girl." Then he reached his arm around my neck and said "I'm giving you a back rub." Aaah! Sweetest!

Of course, there are stubborn times as well. One time I said to him "You may not speak like that to your mother." He replied, in an angry voice, "You are NOT MY MOTHER." 

And then another day I said "You disobeyed Mom, and when you disobey me you disobey God." He said (in the same angry voice) "Just like ADAM and EVE disobey GOD!" Aaaand he's not even 2 and a half yet. I'm hoping he's just getting all his junior high angst out now?

We love this little person so much and are having the best time watching him grow up and trying our best to lead him in the way he should go - which is easier said than done!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weeks 24-27: Catching Up & God's Plans

So, haven't posted for a month. Part of being way behind wasn't totally my fault: my computer was so full of files (mostly pictures...) that I literally could not transfer my pictures from my camera to my computer. 

This summer has been so... summerish. I was telling Brian that I feel so privileged to be living this summer like I have been: going to the pool with Asher, hanging out at my mom's house or with friends, grabbing an iced Americano every so often.

Hanging out with Asher all day, every day. Hanging out with Brian in the evenings, reading or (more likely, unfortunately) watching a TV show. 

(We got doughnuts and watched the World Cup one day!)

Now, mind you, this isn't the summer I planned. I really had planned on having another baby by now, or at least being pregnant. I found out to my excitement that I was pregnant in February, but then had an early miscarriage. The realization that my life is not my own (nor do my children's lives belong to me) struck hard. 

(Asher trying to sneakily touch the computer.)

Maybe this isn't the summer I had planned for myself. But it is the exact one God planned for me. 

(Watching a 4th of July parade on Daddy's shoulders.)

So, while I still mourn the loss of a daughter or son, and wish desperately for another child, I can enjoy this summer, and rest in the knowledge that I am right where God has put me. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

23/52 - Making Pancakes

Last night we had eggs and pancakes for dinner and Asher was very interested in helping me, so I let him stir. Whenever I tried to help him he looked at me and calmly said "No." Alrighty then... 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

21, 22/52

Once again, I have fallen behind in my mission to post a weekly photo of Asher. But we've been busy around here: my littlest sis, Emily, got married three weekends ago, then Brian and I went to Seattle two weekends ago, and finally my other sister Jill had a baby last weekend! So yeah, pretty busy.

(I was going to post three weeks' worth but then one picture somehow got deleted! And it was adorable. So, only two today.)

Monday, June 9, 2014

I Heart Faces - All Boy Challenge

My boy is definitely all boy. Before he was born, I pictured long lazy days sipping cocoa and coloring and making crafts with my kids. Now, I know that's not really gonna happen at least with my firstborn! He loves the outdoors, bugs, dirt, WATER... and he makes me love it more too!