Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spring Valley, With Family

Several weeks ago my brother Jed visited from Colorado. We had a great visit and went out to Spring Valley reservoir one windy afternoon for a picnic and perhaps swimming. Well, it ended up being a lot colder than we anticipated. We hiked around and took turns in the canoe, and at one point got back to the dock only to realize that our camp chairs had blown off into the lake. Mom and Jill and I instantly gave up hope of ever seeing them again. As soon as the guys got back to the dock they were all ready to jump in and look for the chairs but then Jed looked over the side and... there they were, easily ready to be plucked out. 

Asher and his uncle Jed.

Skipping rocks.

The island we got engaged on, two years ago!

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  1. Love these pictures of your family. Makes me happy to see pictures of them, but it also makes me sad because I don't know that we'll ever see you guys again in person. If not here, we'll see you in heaven. Love the picture of your parents.