Monday, September 16, 2013


Asher is an amazing little guy.

Every parent says that, and it's true every time, because little humans are remarkable.

Just this last week and a half, Asher has learned to crawl, pull himself up to standing, clap when we say "clap!", and wave (only when he wants to).

He's not ahead for his age or anything. When I, proud mommy, googled "when do babies learn to clap" I got the answer 7 months. Asher will be 10 months in just over a week. In fact, at his 9 month checkup, the pediatrician seemed to suggest he was behind because he couldn't crawl or pull himself up. All of his little baby friends have been crawling for a while already.

When Asher clapped when I said to, Brian and I were astounded. This tiny person who changed our lives so immensely, who cried and fussed for hours on end some days, who we realized was of course a person but who depended on us for every single thing, consciously communicated with us.

He knows clap! I know every single baby goes through the same thing, and I'm pretty sure I can assume that we aren't the only parents amazed by their firstborn child.

Asher's just a normal baby, and normal babies are super.

He is our Superbaby.


  1. He's adorable. I love his bright eyes and cute cheeks. You're right. Every baby is amazing. No matter what they do or don't do, they're special because they're yours.