Thursday, January 9, 2014

Asher - 1/52

My friend Jen (who is an awesome photographer) is doing weekly portraits of her son Owen, which inspired me to do the same of Asher (and another friend, Kara, is doing the same of her daughter).

Hopefully this will help me remember what he is like in normal, everyday moments doing normal, everyday things.

Asher recently discovered that he enjoys eating sunflower seeds. I like it too because it takes a lot of time for him to pick them up one by one, thus giving me more time in the kitchen. Needless to say, Asher is a very busy little boy who can't really entertain himself for more than a few minutes and always ALWAYS wants me right with him.

He is an awesome little boy and Brian and I are amazed at the things he can do. Our conversations are probably incredibly boring to the outside world ("Hey, Asher just squatted down to pick up his doggy and DIDN'T FALL OVER!" "Look at Asher! He made ONE MARK on a piece of paper with a crayon!" "HURRY Asher just took two Duplos apart!") and we probably give him way too much attention but what can we say, he's our little boy. 


  1. So sweeeeeet. Horace and I feel the same way. We act like total lunatics at home trying to make Owen giggle or getting him to mimic us lol Asher is just the cutest. I'm so glad you're doing this with us!!

  2. Sunflower seeds? at first I thought you had taught him to crack the shell and eat the seed, just like a farmer. Haha. someday! Great pic!

  3. That's an awesome photo! "HURRY Asher just took two Duplos apart!" hahaha