Monday, January 13, 2014

i heart faces - Best Face of 2013

I'm doing the i heart faces challenge for this month - Best Face of 2013. I used to enter these a lot (and even got third place once!) but then my life got a lot busier and I haven't entered in a while. 

Asher adores bath time (especially when Dad gives the bath, he's way more fun than I am... my goal is cleanliness and quickness and no babies falling on their heads. Dad's goal is splashing, laughing, entertainment, and if a baby falls a few times or gets water in their face, well, that's just a byproduct of a FUN BATH.)

Go check out the other entries over at i heart faces!

Photo Challenge Submission 


  1. Asher is so cute. What a sweet picture. Bath time is the perfect time to capture real childhood moments. Great job! I hope you will start entering again. I think I heart faces is the BEST contest site around! : ).

  2. adorable. I love how you've captured bath time so beautifully

  3. Love this! I'm such a sucker for bath time pics. :)