Saturday, February 8, 2014

6/52 - Waiting for Dad (Plus Funny Stories)

As I've said before, Asher ADORES his Dad. So when I know Brian's on his way home I sometimes bring Asher to the window to watch for him. He  got so excited when he finally spotted Brian walking up the street - I could hardly snap a few pictures because I was worried he would fall right off the chair. 

A couple Asher stories -

We often hold hands when we pray before meal times. Brian and I were holding hands yesterday while we were eating lunch and Asher was in his high chair, and reached for my hand and said "Amen!"

Brian was kissing me in the kitchen and Asher was looking at us and got a little sad and left out, and then came up to me and said "Mmmm!" and wanted me to kiss him instead. That melted my heart pretty fast... :)

I was cleaning up Asher's toys and lost track of him for a few minutes. When I went to look for him in our tiny apartment, I couldn't find him and there was utter silence when I called him. I finally found him behind the rocking chair in his room holding a foam football (which he is prone to eating...) and his mouth full of foam specks. Haha. He looked incredibly guilty.


  1. LOVE this photo. Your stories are so sweet. Isn't fun now that he's communicating with you?!?!

    1. Thanks Jen! I think communication is my favorite thing that Asher has ever learned to do. So fun!